God Bless Our Troops

Operation LTM (Love the Military) is a God-led ministry for all of our military membersóand our coalition forcesówith the focus to love on, minister to, and thank them for their service!  We sending cards and care packages to our deployed troops and veterans hospitals and homes all year 'round.   We invite you to send your support to our troops as well.


Christmas 2016 is Closed!!!

Due to the time required to process cards, our deadline for holiday cards has passed.  If you would like to be notified about the Christmas project next fall, please e-mail us at .  However, Operation LTM is still hard at work.  From February through April 2017 we will be working on "A Thousand Thank Yous."

And in the meantime....


Operation LTM
Supporting our Troops and Veterans

Individuals can also join Operation LTM and adopt a service member or join one of our care teams.

Email for more information.

Our Troops Don't Just Serve at Christmas

Operation LTM doesn't just "Love the Military" at Christmas time.  Throughout the year we send letters of support and care packages to our deployed military members.   We also support our veterans in veterans' homes and VA hospitals across the country.   You can always send us a cheering card and know that it will go to someone who has served or is serving our great nation.


There is no deadline, however please keep in mind that it can take up to six weeks for processing and shipping.   If you want a card to arrive in time for Valentine's Day, it should be mailed to us by January 1st.

Who Can Participate

Anyone can participate: individuals, veterans' groups, schools, religious groups, civic groups, bunco clubs, bridge clubs, bowling teams, Scouts, Boys and Girls Clubs, Campfire kids, knitting circles, playgroups...

Where to Get Cards

This is a
glitter-free zone!

  1. You can make your own.  Cards should be no larger than a standard sheet of 8.5" x 11" paper folded in half.  (Anything larger will have to be folded, possibly damaging the artwork.

    Of course, smaller cards are preferred.  Home-made cards can be designed on your computer, drawn on construction paper with markers or crayons, or elaborate scrap-booked stuff.

    Our troops love cards handmade by children.

    We do ask that you do not use glitter.  It often falls off the cards, and can damage the things it's packed with.
  2. You can use store-bought cards.  Dollar stores frequently sell cards.  

    If you use store-bought cards, please do not put the cards in the envelopes.  Since the cards go in packages, we don't need the envelopes. (If you would like a soldier to write back, put your name and address inside or on the back of the card.) 
  3. You can download the card designs below.  Print out the card, write a message in the rectangle, fold it up, and send it in.

What to Write

Our cards go to servicemembers from all brances of the military. We therefore suggest that you address your card to "Dear Hero" or "Dear Veteran."

Write whatever you want to write, within reason.  We ask that all messages be kept positive and encouraging for the troops, without the mention of violence or political statements.  The purpose of these cards is to brighten their environment, and to make them smile and feel appreciated.  The content of children's cards should be carefully monitored by a teacher or parent, since some children do not understand the gravity of war and will unknowingly include images and messages of violence and death, not realizing how upsetting this can be to one who is in the middle of such things on a daily basis.  We encourage children's cards to adopt a positive patriotic theme.  Messages should not be suggestive. 

Messages may be as religious or secular as you please.  Whatever your feelings are, express them.

Send the Cards

Send your cards to:

Operation LTM
190 Shaffer Hill Road
Liberty, PA  16930

Cards for Downloading

There are fifteen different designs.  Twelve of the designs are in both color and greyscale.  Three are only in greyscale.  Seven are also appropriate for veterans.

I recommend printing colored cards on white or cream paper and greyscale cards on colored paper.  

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader

These cards are in Adobe Acrobat.  You will need a .pdf file reader like Acrobat Reader to read them.  If you do not have a .pdf file reader, click on the link to the right to download Acrobat Reader.

Cards for the Deployed

Cards for Veterans

A moment comes

Answering the call to defend freedom

Dear God, please protect our troops

From the bottom of my heart

From the bottom of my heart

Honor, justice, and humanity

Honor, justice, and humanity

I support our troops

I support you

It is the soldier

It is the soldier

Land of the free

Land of the free

My heroes are in uniform

My thanks to the ones who defend our freedom

O Beautiful for heroes proved in liberating strife

O Beautiful for heroes proved in liberating strife

Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered

Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered

We stand united behind you

If you have card designs you would like to share, please .  Your graphics must be original or royalty free, or you must have written permission from the artist to include them.



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